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A response to a desperate act by Bernardo Vallarino and Ariel Davis


On Saturday morning June 19th 2021 an individual used a window-breaking tool to break into one of the provisionary gallery spaces in downtown Fort Worth where the show “Strolling Sundance” is being held.  The act was targeted towards Bernardo Vallarino's work "A Sample Study On the True Colors of Diverse Individuals” and they managed to take one of the objects (a mask with a faux $100).  The motives of this act are still unknown, but it did inspired the artists to think about all those who have had ( and continue to experience) harships due to the pandemic. 

Bernardo Vallarino in collaboration with artist Ariel Davis decided to respond with LOVE and COMPASSION  (which is written out in Morse code on the mural), rather than anger. 

Bernardo and Ariel would like you to consider this.

The show "Strolling Sundance" is a group of artworks based on the artistic response to COVID-19,  the quarantine, and everything else 2020 brought.  All artists participating in the show benefitted from the New Normal grants (an awesome citywide collaboration benefiting local artists). 

Continuing with the intent of the artworks presented in the "Strolling Sundance" show, Ariel and Bernardo wanted to create an image, and this website, as a platform to bring forth awareness that regardless of the reasons behind this act of vandalism, this tragedy can be used as a way to empathize with those who were not able to prevail through the pandemic.  Many families and individuals have lost a lot and many are desperate. 


We want you to protest by doing something KIND!  - Donate to the Tarrant County Foodbank. 


  • You can protest that the destruction of Bernardo's work is unacceptable by promoting the social awareness his work inspires and help someone you don't know.   


  • You can also protest that our neighbors are desperate because they don't have enough basic income to sustain their families.  


It all started with a brainstorming of ideas at Mi Cosina over margaritas. And culmiated with a brilliant collaboration, and a toast!

Becasue "When life give you lemons, you make margaritas!"  - Ariel Davis.   Perfect don't you thing? 


Thank You for your support!